Smart Factory Solution

Smart Factory Solution


  • How does it work
  • System architecture
  • Frontend applications
  • Analysing machine performance
  • Benchmarking parameters
  • Configuring alarms & notifications
  • Rubber plant specific solution

Connect Connect remote devices Sensors, machine PLCS

Captur Capture data using MQTT COAP or HTTP protocol

Interpret Analyse and report in real Time using integrated Visualization tools

1. Shift from physical registers to cloud- based system Reduce ghost assets, thefts, losses Keep maintenance records up- to- date.
(Increase ROI on Capital Investments Increase Transparency)

2. Manage unplanned maintenance activity Track planned maintenance activity Reduce breakdowns & failures Reduce required operating activity Lower risk exposure.
(Maintain Performance Reduce Quantity of Work)

3. Higher resource utilization Improved productivity Lesser administrative activity Improved contract management Quick purchase decision.
(Lower Unit Cost)

System Architecture

Analysing Machine Performance

Benchmarking parameters

Configuring alerts and notifications rules

Rubber Plant Specific Proposal

Real time & Remote Monitoring of machines used in multiple steps-Compounding,Mixing, Extrusion,Calendaring,Coating,Molding,Vulcanizing

Determination & Benchmarking of plant performance parameters-OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness)&OPE(Overall Plant Effectiveness)g

Detection of faults,anomallies in performance of machines

Predictive Maintenance & threshold breach Alerts