Remote Transformer Monitoring

Remote Transformer Monitoring


  • Overview
  • Value proposition
  • Architecture
  • Parameters Monitored
  • Gateway & Sensor info
  • Application Functionalities
  • POC Deployment Dependencies


Distribution Transformer Monitoring Solution various aspects of the Distribution Transformer. Various parameters like Oil Level and Temperature and some alerts are enabled within the base station.

The solution provides accurate supervision of the transformer and its environment and converts each simple transformer into an intelligent unit with continuous view of asset conditions, operating efficiencies and immediate notifications and alerts.

Reliance infra can effectively cut down maintenance costs and can remotely monitor the Transformer with descriptive analysis of failures.

Value proposition

  • Value proposition
  • Non Invasive Retrofit solution
  • Power quality inputs – power factor
  • Data logging facility
  • Modbus port to connect to smart meters
  • Modular wireless connectivity
  • Business Values
  • Monitor the health of transformer
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Capital expense planning
  • Vision of power losses


Features & Parameters monitored

  • Industrial Grade Module
  • Industrial Standard Wired Interfaces
  • Wireless Communication to Cloud
  • GSM -2G Connectivity
  • Upgradeable to 3G/4G/Wi-fi/
  • Monitoring
  • Energy Consumption through meters
  • Oil Level Oil Temperature
  • Palm Temperature
  • Real Time Notification and Alerts

Gateway and Sensors

  • Gateway with GSM Communication
  • ARM Cortex Controller
  • 2G Communication & Antenna
  • 8MB Flash
  • HTTP/MQTT Comm.
  • MODBUS Inputs
  • AC-DC Power Adaptor
  • Power Source – 230V to 9V
  • Sensors
  • Oil Level Sensor
  • Oil Temperature
  • Lug Temperature

Application Functionalities

1.Transformer Monitoring

  • Avoid Unplanned failures, Lower Maintenance cost and Extend Transformer
  • 1.Display Transformer position on the Dashboard with Transformer ID & Location
  • 2.Connect to Energy Meters Installed on the Transformer and send data such as Voltage,Current & Load
  • 3.Send Oil level indication of the Transformer.
  • 4.Send SMS Alerts, if Oil level is low in the Transformer.
  • 5.History parameters such as Load, voltage & current, Oil & Palm Temp for each transformer should be maintaine
  • 6.Palm (Lug) temp and oil temp indication of the transformer
  • 7.Send SMS alert, if oil temp or Palm temp of transformer is crossing the set value.

Application Functionalities

2.Transformer Dashborad & Reports

  • 1.Display Transformers on the Dashboard along with id & loction
  • 2.Display Trending Analysis of Transformer Temperature oil and paim(lug)
  • 3.Display Trending Analysis of load in KW of the Transformer.this analysis can be onn live feed or Historical data
  • 4.Display Alerts generated for the Transformer.
  • 3.General System Requirements
  • 1.Register Transformer and Device.
  • 2.Application should be Web based and mobile friendlly
  • 3.Option for Alerts SMS Enable/Disable(Disable-will not generate the alarm)
  • 4.Auto generates SMS for all alerts on event occurrence.
  • 5.Set values for level and temperatures alerts would be configurable not hard coded.

Application Functionalities


  • Application should display alert in case any theshold for any parameter is breached by transformer on dashbord.The alert data should be sent by the gateway
  • The alert would have following fields
  • 1.Transformer ID
  • 2.Transformer location
  • 3.Current oil level(Any parameter)
  • 4.Alert Type.
  • 5.Threshold breach by
  • 6.Alert Timestamp)

Application Screen Shots

1.Login panel

Application Screen Shots


Application Screen Shots

3.Paraneter monitoring

Application Screen Shots

4.SMS Alerts