Fleet Management - Telematics

Solution Components

Driver Android Application

1.Android application to receive trip and customized route
2.Functionality to start and stop trip and enter details of item picked /dropped
3.Receive alert/notification as per administrative regulation imposed (ex. Over speeding, idling..) Receive Geo fence boundaries

Fleet Owner Android Application

1.Make customized routes
2.Set management rules / thresholds
3.Send mass notification to group of drivers
Monitor real time status of all trucks in the fleet
Set geo fence boundaries

Operator Web Application

1.Monitor real time status of all trucks of all fleet owners
2.Benchmark driver on the basis of driving behaviour
3.Monitor health of individual trucks and take corrective actions in case of alerts
4.Download performance & health reports
5.Integration with 3rd part systems Ex ERP for extraction part maintenance data

TYPES OF ASSETS Fleet management - telematics



  • How does it work
  • Solution components
  • Analytics modules
  • Front end application client that can benefit
  • Gateway & Sensor info
  • Application Functionalities
  • POC Deployment Dependencies

How does it work

How does it work

Analytics Modules

Driver Rating(X/5): Driving Compliance:

# of harsh braking incidents
# of over speeding incidents
# of over revving incidents
# of sudden acceleration incidents
# Idle time as fraction of total Time Fuel pilferage analysis

Route Compliance:

% of deviation of pre fed route
% of deviation time from idle
Avg. delay per trip
Mileage compared to drivers with similar trucks

Tuck Breakdown Prediction (0.Y %):
Factor taken into consideration:

Mileage across trucks with similar model and age
Engine efficiency
Engine overheating alerts
Low Battery alerts
Time since last maintenance
• Alarm information

Frontend Application

Fleet Owner

Driver Insights & Rating

Fleet Owner

Driver Insights & Rating

Drvier Application - during trip

Driver Insights & Rating

Alarms & Alerts