Emerging Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) The explosion of connected items, especially those monitored and controlled by artificial intelligence systems, can endow ordinary things with amazing capabilitie - a house that unlocks the front door when it recognizes it owner arring at home etc. Our team is working on the Internet of Things(IoT), integrting different devices to create a meshed network of devices, apps and indviduals to better address the issues faced by the clients.

Blockchain Blockchain–the technology behind the bitcoin digital currency–is a decentralized public ledger of transactions that no one person or company owns or controls. Instead, every user can access the entire blockchain, and every transfer of funds from one account to another is recorded in a secure and verifiable form by using mathematical techniques borrowed from cryptography. Our team is working on the different public blockchain technologies like ethereum, mutichain etc.

Artificial Intelligence Our Team Applies machine learning to make data-driven decisions at a speed demanded by your business. Multidimensional problems that cannot be easily analyzed by the human brain can be resolved using a wide range of machine learning techniques. By identifying latent structures in data, revealing new insights, and making accurate predictions from data, machine learning algorithms can contextualize the information contained in huge datasets.

Big Data Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Big Data strategy for your organization, integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.